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VENEZIA 70./More space for Market Screenings

The second edition of the Venice Film Market (August 29th – September 3rd) has arrived: Pascal Diot, who is also the director of the Dubai International Film Festival market, tells us about the program and activities for the 2013 edition. «We got excellent feedback from the professionals who attended the first edition,” starts Diot . “In fact, last year was the first time that Venice had organized a structured venue where producers, distributors and vendors could carry out their work. Last year the formula proved it could work: this year we have strengthened the market and given it more space».

How does the Venice market intend to position itself?
Since we are the latest arrivals in this field it was essential to diversify. We have tried to create an environment that favors casual, convivial, informal meetings, without allowing the many commitments to mount up, so that it is possible to hold relaxed discussions. Here you don’t have to face the high cost of an individual stand. In addition to the exhibition area on the first floor of the Excelsior, there will be another one dedicated to meetings on the third floor of the hotel which will extend onto the terrace. And there will also be a conference room, the Digital Video Library and a place for networking.

What else is new?
The market will have three screening theaters: the 100-seat Pasinetti and two theaters in the Excelsior, with 15 and 50 seats. Accredited participants can also screen works that have not necessarily been selected for the Festival, as long as they were produced after September 1st 2012.
Last year we invited around sixty distributors from all over the world.
This year there will also be 40 big producers.
There will be an increase in institutional stands (the only ones present): Anica, Anec/Fice/Agis Scuola, the Gran Canaria Film Commission and Tourist Board, Taipei FC, the Polish Film Institute and FC, the Greek FC, Films from Israel, Wallimage, Pinocchio Prod., INCAA Argentino, Cinema do Brasil and Roskino.
Opening hours will be from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. After that visitors can move on to the “Happy Hour” area in front of the Casino where it will be possible to continue talking over drinks, once the market has closed.

Will the VFM also feature some special events?
On August 30th there will be a special session of meetings between independent producers, vendors and distributors organized in association with CICAE.
On August 31st, the “Final Cut in Venice” will be held with the screening of 4 African movies which are still “works-in- progress”. They will receive a cash award and, at the same time, try to find financial backers to help with their completion.
And, finally, there will be two special screenings of promo-reels and trailers of movies made during the summer, which I will be selecting myself. These will be eagerly awaited products that will obviously fit in with the specifics of the professionals at Venice who are interested in arthouse cinema.

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