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VALLÉE D’AOSTE/Paying attention to local producers

The fact that the president of the Fondazione Film Commission Vallée d’Aoste is a producer, Simone Gandolfo, helps to understand the special attention directed towards local producers. “We are well aware that one of the most difficult things, especially for producers and filmmakers who are not located in big cities, is to get used to the contexts where a movie is funded, like the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities (MiBAC), and international funds. Therefore, we are focusing” confirms Gandolfo “on illustrating the opportunities and functioning of markets and pitching forums, for which we also incentivize participation with ad hoc calls, not only directed towards producers but also, for example, location managers, as occurred at Focus in London with the location manager from Valle d’Aosta, Giorgio Vigna.

We would like to carry out work that grows, starting from quieter market occasions, such as Focus or the Torino Short Film Market, where we promoted the network with producers from Piedmont, because the first step towards internationalization is collaboration with the other regions, and with the other film commissions.
According to this logic we would like to organize panels on tax credits or on the fund for minority coproductions.
We are also thinking of holding highly specialized training courses for workers and a series of activities linked to category associations like the AGCI (General Association of Italian Cooperatives) and the CNA (National Craftsmanship Association) to promote the audiovisual education of contacts at Confartigianato and Confcommercio.”

The Valle d’Aosta will also be part of a focus on alpine cinematography scheduled for next year by the Festival of Les Arc: “We will be holding the first organization meetings already during the Berlinale”, announces the president of the Fondazione Film Commission Vallée d’Aoste

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