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Valle D’Aosta/Tourists on the sets

Filming is in progress in Aosta on the third season of the famous TV series “Rocco Schiavone” directed by Simone Spada, which will consist of four episodes, the first two based on short stories and the second two on the novel “Fate il vostro gioco” by Antonio Manzini. In addition to the standard places around the city center there are new locations: Cogne, Oyace, Courmayeur, and new areas of the city like the Megalitica Area.

“Rocco Schiavone is an extraordinary opportunity for promoting the monuments of Aosta which is the second city after Rome in terms of the number of Roman period monuments” declares Alessandra Miletto, head of the Valle D’Aosta Film Commission.

Another appetizing opportunity for promoting tourism comes from the series “Blood and Treasure” directed by Marc Webb (The Amazing Spider-man 1 and 2), written by Matt Federman and Stephen Scaia which will be released on CBS in summer 2019.
The story, centered around the hunt for an unscrupulous terrorist which becomes super- imposed over the hunt for a big treasure, was filmed last November in Grassoney and Castel Savoia which was transformed into a castle used by German troops during the Second World War.

Castel Savoia has now become one of the region’s best known and most requested locations: “the frequency with which it appears on cinema and television screens has led to the number of visitors to the castle growing exponentially, demonstrating the value of audiovisuals in promoting regional locations,” states Miletto. “Similarly Fort Bard is recognized by younger generations as the palace of Ultron from “Avengers Age of Ultron”, and the outline of the Roman Theater has now become famous among television viewers as the monument that dominates the view from Rocco Schiavone’s house. Guided tourist itineraries are being developed which seek out the most famous film locations.”

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