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TV DRAMA/The Series get longer

INAUGURAZIONE CINEPORTOWith a 3 million Euro budget and a team of 10 people, the Film Commission Torino Piemonte is now in its fifteenth year of business. From the headquarters on Via Cagliari, a former factory which has become “the producers’ home”, the director, Davide Bracco, proudly points out: “Now the region is able to provide workers for at least three/four productions at the same time, something that it is difficult to replicate in other Italian regions, if we exclude Lazio. I think that this is one of the most interesting offers we can make producers”.
Turin, as we know, has an important cinematographic history. 15 years of the Film Commission have capitalized this patrimony, tracing the perimeter of that “cinema system” whose sides are the Museum of Cinema, the Torino Film Festival and the Rai Turin Production Center, and that has ensured the region is seen as the second national audiovisual hub.

The Film Commission’s collaboration with the Rai Turin Production Center, the historic outpost of Italian television, has intensified and been completed this year with the start of the production of a long-running TV series ‘Non uccidere’( working title).

With a 7,800,000 Euro budget, ‘Non uccidere’ is directed by Giuseppe Gagliardi based on a screenplay by Claudio Corbucci, and produced by Fremantle Media for Rai Fiction. It stars Miriam Leone as Valeria Ferro, a detective with a dark past.

PIETRO GRIGNANIThe stakes are high for the Rai Turin Production Center: “It is particularly important” confirms the director, Pietro Grignani, “because the duration of the commitment will be no less than six months as it is a long-running series, and because it has a high end vocation with ambitions to have a life even beyond the Italian market”. In fact, the production logic is international, starting with the format which will be 100 minutes instead of the usual 50, for 12 episodes, as well as the narrative form (the model is the HBO series “True Detective”). “The key technical figures will be almost all in-house, and it was great to see everyone’s desire to put themselves on the line and to upgrade their skills, where necessary”.

A patrimony of skills which, we should remember, in the 70s/80s, gave life to what at the time were known as “TV dramatizations” (‘I Buddenbrock’ or ‘Le tigri di Mombrapen’ or ‘Bel Ami’, to name just a few).

The preparations for March 2nd, when filming commences, have involved an exchange of people and skills with the headquarters in Rome and the Rai Naples Production Center which has already had some experience with long-running series (‘Un posto al sole’).

“There is a return to the sense of a team, of a certain complicity”, comments Grignani: “a good chapter for Rai. There is a reappearance of the values of identity that are necessary in difficult times like these, not just for the organization but for the country as a whole. This is also thanks to the long-sightedness of Tinni Andreatta at the head of Rai Fiction and the Rai Tre channel which will broadcast the series in the prime time slot”.

Part of this new climate is the close relationship with the Film Commission, “that is able to establish communications between the various actors in this enterprise, both external as well as internal”.
“It is an important new opportunity for the region”, agrees the Film Commission’s director, Davide Bracco, “not just because of the economic investment: the production will also be an important work- shop of innovation and training”.

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