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TUSCANY/Support for 11 Documentaries

€ 130,000 for supporting the creativity of Tuscan documentary- makers or those that have chosen to use Tuscany as a set. 11 projects (out of the 47 presented) will share the documentary production incentive that is inscribed in the Framework Program Agreement (FPA) Sensi Contemporanei Toscana for Cinema.

The highest score was achieved by “Lettere europee” produced by Altara Film srl, in which the director Giovanni Donfrancesco rediscovers European history in the course of the Second World War through the fortunes of men and women in different countries on the old continent.

There are many original and surprising stories about common people. Like the story of the only adolescent girl living in a small village on the Tosco Romagnolo Apennine featured in the documentary “La regina di Casetta”, presented by Francesco Fei; or “Mister Wonderland” by Valerio Ciriaci which tells the story of Mr. Poli who emigrated to America from Tuscany at the end of the 19th century and became one of the most important theatrical impresarios; or “Medium” by Laura Cini, or “The last Italian cowboy” by Walter Bencini about the last herdsmen of the Maremma area; and again “L’uomo delle caverne” by Tommaso Landucci dedicated to the Florentine sculptor and potholer Filippo Dobrilla; the other projects are: “The Butterfly” directed by Alessandro Cassigoli and Casey Kauffman, “Il tempo è giunto” by Bartolomeo Pampaloni, and “Gorgonia” by Antonio Tibaldi.

Among the documentary assignee projects there are also two portraits of famous personages: “Il tempo impresso. Andrej Tarkovskij”, directed by the son of the great Russian director, Andrej Andreevich Tarkovskij, and the documentary dedicated to the British mime, actor and choreographer “Kemp” by Edoardo Gabriellini

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