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TUSCANY/Double set for Claudia Gerini

For the whole month of February, Castiglion Fiorentino is the set of the film “Anna Rosenberg” by French director Michele Moscatelli, freely based on the novel “Fiché Coupable” by André Delauré.
A ‘Kafkian thriller’ starring Claudia Gerini and co-produced by France’s Michaël Productions with Nymphéa Productions and by Michela Scolari’s Italian FilmIn’ Tuscany.
“This is the true story of the writer Anna Rosenberg who was exiled in Europe and then summoned to a police station from which she never returned. A project we are very pleased about which is part of the battle against feminicide that unites me and Claudia.” says Scolari.

Claudia Gerini will also be the protagonist, along with Riccardo Scamarcio and Aidan Dillen, star of “Game of Thrones”, of “Exiles”, the new film by Terry George, which will go into production in May, again with FilmIn’ Tuscany, and will be filmed in Tuscany, Puglia, Calabria and Belfast.

From the end of January Forte Dei Marmi will be the protagonist of “Security”, directed by the English director Peter Chelsom, a kind of ‘sequel’ to “Human Capital” (the two films are based on two novels by Stephen Ami- don), produced by Indiana Productions together with Vision Distribution which will be distributing it in 2021.
The film stars Marco D’Amore, Maya Sansa, Fabrizio Bentivoglio, Valeria Bilello, Silvio Muccino and Tommaso Ragno.
The director of photography is Mauro Fiore, who won an Oscar for “Avatar”

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