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TRENTINO/The Strength of a Network

_DSC6536United, or rather, through the network – we stand: this premise led to the setting up of the Trentino Movie Service, a consortium of five companies that presents itself as a reference point for audiovisual companies that require technical assistance in the region, from transport to equipment, to catering and casting.

“The input cane from the Trentino Film Commission which, having carried out a study of where funds were being spent in the region, noted that there was a lack of response on the technical side: productions only found hotels and a few extras in loco”, explains Roberto Bellini, president of Trentino Movie Service and director of Tecnotek, one of the five companies that make up the consortium, which is involved in the fields of energy, electrical distribution, catering and transport. “However, the problem was further up-line: usually productions arrive here with everything already prepared, so they don’t need to request certain services from the region.
This is also due to the fact that in the movie world there is a certain amount of diffidence towards new things, so people usually prefer to spend more but work with the same tried and trusted companies, rather than go and look for economically more advantageous solutions which lack certainty”.

The first step towards building trust is to systemize or, rather, to create a network. It is also crucial to start with a consolidated brand which has a strong identity and professional history, in this case with Movie People which covers all the requirements for lighting, grips, cameras, specialized equipment and special effects: “It is the only company that is well-known on a national level that also has an office in Bolzano, and was thus suitable to act as a driving force”.

Exformat is a well-structured film studio which also has considerable experience in the world of casting, “it will be fundamentally important for training, which is one of our objectives. Today there is a shortage, in particular, of electricians and grips. We are working on a project that will involve ongoing training, including a final exam. The aim is to launch at least one course for electricians and one for grips this summer, which will be the first in a long series.”

Synectix handles the image side and is involved in the growing sector of web TV and web communication: “We will be setting up the first real casting agency in the Trentino AltoAdige region with them. We are currently working on the software management and will bring together all the people that constitute the supply of actors, extras as well as regional technical figures.”

And, finally, Dolomiti Film is a company that produces footage mainly for the advertising world and is also involved in live television.

Only established three months ago, TMS is currently taking its first steps and has already provided assistance to several productions including “Rumeno”, a co-production between Romania, Sweden and Italy, “The Habit of Beauty” a co-production between the Italian Orisa and the British The Habit of Beauty, and “Yamaleela 2”, the first Indian production to be filmed in Trentino.

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