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TRENTINO/From Pordoi to Estonia

“Ghost Mountaineer” directed by Urmas E. Liiv, has climbed the Estonian movie charts as well as the mountains of Trentino. The film, shot in Val di Fassa (between Pordoi, Sella and Val Schiavaneis) last March with the support of the Trentino Film Commission, is a thriller about a 1980s expedition of Estonian mountaineers to the mountains of Siberia, a dramatic adventure that involved the loss of a guide, swept away by a snowslide.
The film was made by the production company Kopli Kinokompanii OÜ, in co-production with Trentino’s Decima Rosa, with the support of the Estonian Film Institut, Estonian Cultural Endowment and Estonian TV3.
Ten days after the release it had already reached the top of the box office in Estonia (more precisely in and around Tallin), even toppling Ron Howard’s “In the heart of the sea”, with 27836 viewers, and taking a total of 134,173 Euros.
“We are very satisfied with the success the movie has had in Estonia”, says Alessio Osele of Decima Rosa, “everyone has good things to say about it and it is also being promoted by the country’s TV channels”.
So far the film has only been distributed in and around Tallinn. “In order to cross borders, English subtitles will be necessary so we are negotiating with the Estonian production company. Once it is subtitled, we will also be able to put the film forward for various movie festivals, including the one in Trento where we hope it will be selected so that our audiences can see it too”.

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