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At MipTv, Animation Band will be proposing five animation series co-produced with Rai Fiction and other European partners. “Blanche”, a sheep with a dazzling personality, which has already been sold to various networks worldwide, including Cartoon Network UK, will be coming to La Croisette.
“In Cannes we will only be presenting series that are in the final stages of production,” explains Marco Marcolini, producer of the Milan-based animation company. “In addition to Blanche (26 x 6′), a French co-production for which we are directly handling German sales, after finalizing the sale to China, and the “Cosi”, a Flash animation series from Bruno Bozzetto (26 x 5′), screened by Rai Tre, we will also be bringing “Loulou de Montmartre” to the attention of sector operators. This is a French co-production consisting of 26 half hour episodes set in Paris at the beginning of the last century, about a young orphan girl who dreams of becoming a great ballerina.
These will be joined by the first two Italian series filmed in high definition, as demanded by foreign markets.” “Mondo di Stefi”, about a very curious little girl, created by Grazia Nidasio, and the Italian-Spanish “LMN’s” (Note: pronounced “Elements”), a journey into the micro-world of atoms in the company of an enterprising young boy, are both fifty-two 13 minute episode series.


Cinema&Video International   3/4-2007

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