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The Opening event “10 YEARS OF WEMW: the major Trends on East- West Co-productions 2008–2019” was organised in collaboration with Creative Europe Desks MEDIA Austria, Croatia, Germany, Hungary and Italy and offered an insight on international collaboration and on the ways the Creative Europe MEDIA sub-programme has played an indispensable role in supporting a sustainable ecosystem for co-production.

The conversation Martin Blaney from Screen International had with producers Ankica Jurić Tilić (Kinorama) from Croatia and Titus Kreyenberg (Unafilm) based in Germany has retraced their career from their development as producers to their role as Group leaders for the Eave Producers Workshop.

They underlined the importance of the training and MEDIA development scheme as crucial for their career and hope the development support will be kept and reinforced in the new Programme 2021-2027.

To this regard Lucia Recalde Langarica, Head of Unit at the European Commission, sent a message in occasion of the 10th Anniversary of WEMW saying: “As you may know, together with the industry, we have established some priorities that will be the cornerstone of the future MEDIA Programme from 2021: further promotion and distribution of European films, and co-creation and co-distribution as a way of working to become more competitive”.

Another two points will also be crucial for the future of the audiovisual industry: gender balance and a greener and more sustainable way of making films and Lucia Recalde declared the European Commission will make sure to introduce the necessary actions to improve both.

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