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While cartoons have transformed Angoulême into a city that is famous all over the world thanks to the festival that has been held every year in January since 1974, it is the moving images, in their various versions, that have made it a rich and vital place all year round.
The aspect that has played a leading role since 1997 with the Pôle Image Magelis, a public institution promoting the image and digital audiovisual sector in Charente, a department already famous for cognac, is the model which has inspired other French departments and European regions.
In 21 years, one hundred production structures and institutions have been created and 12 specialized schools, attended by 1200 students, thanks to the strong political will to create and support a high performing economic and productive environment at the service of sector professionals.
Today the Pôle Image Magelis, which was set up by the departmental Council of Charente, the Nouvelle Aquitaine Region, the city of Angoulême, the Commune of Grand Angoulême and the Chamber of Commerce and industry of Angoulême, an associate member, is the largest regional promotional body in the image production chain in Europe.

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