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The endowment of the Internationalization Funds amounts to € 2.8 million for 2018 which is divided into five open calls:

 Distribution contributions (€ 1.2 million), for the distribution in movie theaters of Italian films in Asean countries, in South Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, in Ibermedia Program countries, in Australia, Canada, Israel, Russia, Turkey and in Europe;

 International exporters’ fund (€ 400,000), to encourage the participation in international markets of the international vendors of Italian films;

 Fund for producers of audiovisual works (€ 600,000), for the promotion of audiovisual works at the main international festivals, markets and co-production events;

 Theatrical producers, international promotion and festivals Fund (€ 400,000), to encourage the presence of Italian films at the main international events;

 Theatrical producers, co-production markets and training Fund (€ 200,000), to support participation in co-production markets, courses, workshops, educational and training laboratories. The necessary forms are available from the Cinecittà website whereas in the Italy for Movies Incentives section it is possible to consult the data sheets summarizing the individual open calls.

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