photo by Archivio Regione Abruzzo-Carsa

Abruzzo has been defined as the “Green Eegion of Europe” due to the great heritage of biodiversity it enshrines and the breadth of its protected territory: more than a third of which is safeguarded by 3 national Parks, one protected marine area, one regional Park, 14 state reserves, 25 regional reserves and 7 Parks with amenities and botanical Gardens, in addition to the sites of the Rete Natura 2000 (Nature Network) (around 58).
The Abruzzo region is home to over 75% of the animal and vegetable species of the European continent including rare animal species like the Wolf and the Bear which, together with the Apennine Chamois, have taken on the role of the animal-symbols of the region and its “wild” side.

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