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THE FILM/Jasmine’s Fortune

A modern day “Mamma Roma”, this is how Thierry Frémaux has de ned “Fortunata”, the film by Sergio Castellitto which will be presented in Un Certain Regard at Cannes. It is the story of a young mother (Jasmine Trinca) with a failed marriage behind her, who ghts every day for her dream: to open a hairdressing salon, defying her destiny in an attempt to become emancipated and win her independence and the right to happiness.

“A definition that fills us with pride for a powerful film that, in a way, marks Castellitto’s return to the atmospheres of “Don’t move”, written once again by Margaret Mazzantini”, comments Catia Rossi, whose True Colours is handling the movie’s foreign sales.

“We are pleased,” she adds “that Thierry also mentioned Jasmine who is a well known face in Cannes (she was one of the stars of
“The Son’s Room” by Nanni Moretti, Palme D’Or 2001), and is one of the most highly esteemed up-and-coming Italian actresses abroad, also thanks to movies like “The Best of Youth” or “Honey””.

The whole cast has a strong international appeal: Alessandro Borghi, famous for “Suburra” and the shooting star of the last edition of the Berlinale, Stefano Accorsi “back in fashion after his David win” (Ed.’s note: for “Italian Race”), and Anna Schygulla, a key name for the German and other markets.

The film is produced by Indigo (with Castellitto’s company HT Film) which, along with Lucky Red, founded True Colours.
But the movies made by the two companies are not automatically sold abroad by True Colors:
“this is another reason” continues Rossi “that we are very pleased to have Indigo movies in our catalogue. Distribution decisions are completely independent, for us this was one of the founding principles of the company (Ed.’s note: the lm will be distributed in Italy by Universal).
”They are also happy to be selling an Italian movie abroad, an activity which is “practiced” increasingly less by our national sales agents: “This is also definitely one of our objectives”, specifies Catia Rossi, who explains that the promotion of the film already started at MIA, the Rome Film Festival market, whilst filming was still in progress in the outskirts of Rome and Liguria, between Genova and Sanremo, also with the support of the Genova Liguria Film Commission.
“We have learned that working on movies far in advance is the most effective method; after MIA we showed the trailer for “Fortunata” before the Berlin market screenings, so all the buyers know about it, and when the Cannes announcement came everyone knew that we would be selling it. There is strong interest all over Europe, first and foremost in Spain where Castellitto is very well known and in the United States. Obviously we are putting all our efforts into the Cannes Marché”, concludes Rossi who, with True Colours, will begin promoting (again using the advance planning strategy) “Il Ragazzo invisibile 2” in Cannes and will be screening “L’ora legale” and the Spanish “La Puerta abierta”.

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