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The fall which, for audiovisual professionals once upon a time simply meant ‘Mifed’, continues to be the Market season with at least three important international rendezvous: Mipcom in Cannes, MIA in Rome and the American Film Market/ Location Expo in Santa Monica.
A lot has changed; no longer just an opportunity to buy and sell, these events are now a source of information and knowledge.

The chronological order rewards Mipcom, the global entertainment market which, on October 15th, opens the Palais du Cinema to the biggest international players with the eloquently titled theme:
“The Big Shift”.
New platforms, with their related problems and opportunities, will dominate the discussion panels but everything will, once again, revolve around content and its internationalization.
Increasingly local stories travel around the world with their own language, as the director of Mipcom, Laurine Garaude, commented to Cinema & Video International, citing “My brilliant friend” as an example.
The TV series based on the bestseller by Elena Ferrante is not the only Italian title with international appeal: “Medici” returns to Cannes with the screening of the second season of the series and “The name of the rose” appears (ready in 2019), leading the Rai Com catalogue together with “My brilliant friend”.

These titles will also pass through MIA, the Rome International Audiovisual Market held from October 17th to 21st, the fourth edition of which confirms the segmentation into three genres: television, cinema and documentaries.
MIA’s vocation is being defined with even greater clarity: its ambition to be a showcase and a laboratory for the internationalization of Italian products. “Italian audiovisuals are experiencing a regular Renaissance”, says Giancarlo Leone, president of the APT, the association of television producers that organizes the event together with ANICA.

A “renaissance” in which the region actively participates and whose entities speak increasingly less about support and more and more about investment.
The regions, with their film commissions, will be the co-stars at the American Film Market in Santa Monica which is hosting Location Expo for the second year running from November 3rd to 6th.
“We are impatient” admits the director of the AFM, Jonathan Wolf  “to discover which films will be supported by the incentives made available by the film commissions”.



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