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THE COMMENT/An innovative model from Tuscany

The Tuscan experience, especially in Prato, of bringing local industrial identities (textiles manufacturing) together with the expertise of the Film Commission, the local entity, through the services of the ‘cineport’, the Regional government’s operational umbrella offering training and development, all at the service of cinema, constitutes the most concrete and successful example of how in Italy it is possible to build an excellence that is unique in the world by putting together public resources, private industries and the audiovisual industry.
None of this would be possible without the backing of a comprehensive project that enables the teaching of increasingly rare professional skills making use of everything present in the region that could contribute to achieving the objective in concrete and not theoretical or purely educational terms.

To be more specific, the big “MEDICI” series production was able to count on the sensitivity of people who understood the advantages this could bring to the production itself, using public open calls to fund training apprenticeships for qualified labor in order to realize prototypes for the costumes needed for the filming (as well as all kinds of accessories). Prato, the textiles capital, grasped this opportunity and made it into a system.

A Cinecitta’ that is once again publicly-owned should be able to propose itself as a ywheel of development, taking this experience as an example, multiplying the training fields also on an international level. A kind of big Erasmus of the cinema trades (in an artisan sense) that have made the history of our country great.

Starting with the Tuscan experience and in partnership with the subjects involved there, over the next few months partners and methods will be identified in order for this process to become stable and consolidated through the collaboration of all the actors already – or who can be- come – involved.

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