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The Business Street: the deals

( as reported by ” The Business Street”)

Rai Trade ( Italy) has sold ” Raise Your Head” by Alessandro Angelini in Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Greece, and Australia, and is in negotiations for Germany, France, and Brazil.

” Ten Winters”  by Valerio Mieli has been sold in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, and negotiations are underway for France, Japan, Argentina, and Taiwan.

” Frederick Barbarossa, the Company of Death” by Renzo Martinelli has been sold in the former Soviet republics, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Hungary, Belgium and the Netherlands, and Lebanon and the Middle East, and negotiations are underway for Greece, Korea, China, Israel, Germany and Austria, and Brazil and Latin America.

For ” Red Shadows”  by Francesco Maselli negotiations are underway for France, Switzerland, and Belgium.

Although “EX” by Fausto Brizzi had already been presented at other markets over the course of the year, in Rome more sales were formalized that add to the numerous territories already ceded, such as Puerto Rico and Hong Kong, and negotiations are underway for Scandinavia, Colombia, and Greece.

California Filmes ( Brazil) bought “Mao’s Last Dancer” (sold by Celluloid Dreams) and “Cell 211” (sold by Films Distribution) for Latin American territories.

Bac Films (France) sold “Hidden Diary by Julie Lopes-Curval  to Japan to Alcine Terran; and also in Taiwan to Khan Entertainment.

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