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THE AWARDS/Young Talents grow up

Three awards were assigned in the two fringe sections dedicated to films in post-production and once again in this case the
e buzzword was continuity.
“Kent’Annos- 100 Trips around the Sun” by Victor Cruz, a co-production between Argentina’s 16m films and Giovanni Pompili ‘s Kinoproduzioni from Italy, is the winner of the section dedicated to documentaries that are a “work in progress”: Last Stop Trieste (LST), “an award that is an additional injection of confidence, confirmation that the project” – Editor’s note: which won WEMW 2016 – “works, thanks to the originality of the writing and the directing”, comments Pompili, who in Trieste brought forward the negotiations for the international distribution of the lm shot in Sardinia (Ogliastra) and Japan.

The LST Flow Digital Award was presented to “My Unknown Soldier” by Anna Kryvenko, a co-production between Analog Vision (Czech Republic) and Baltic Pine Films (Latvia).

“Stories from the Chestnut Woods” by Gregor Božic comes from last year’s Final Cut selection, it is the winner of  This is it and a co-production between the Slovenian Nosorogi and the Italian Transmedia: “The feedback we have received has been very encouraging and a year later the time was ripe to present the first images to professionals”, says the producer Marina Gunzi from Nosorogi.
“It is a film shot in the valleys of Natisone, precisely on the border between Italy and Slovenia, in the middle of the woods, and the situation of this bilingual, politically complex community acts as a backdrop. The visual effects are crucially important and the Laser Film Award, which gives us the chance to work with one of the best studios in Italy, means a lot to us”.

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