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THE ANNOUNCEMENT/RE-ACT, the first Projects

The first six projects to be funded (ten thousand Euros each) by RE-ACT, the new co-development fund launched in 2015 by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, the Fondo Audiovisivo del Friuli Venezia Giulia and the Slovenian Film Centre were announced at When East Meets West.
Two Slovenian productions, “History of Love” by Sonja Prosenc, produced by Rok Sečen for Monoo, in co-production with the Croatian Nukleus Film and the Icelandic Duo Production and “i_ sland”, a cross-media documentary by Miha Čelar&Mate Dolenc, produced by Astral Film in co-production with the Croatian Factum and the Italian Quasar Multimedia; an Italian production, “Life Anew” written by Carlo Zoratti and Cosimo Bizzarri, directed by Zoratti and produced by Marina Rosso for Alpis in co-production with Nukleus Film and the German DetailFilm; and three Croatian projects, the animation “Murder in the Cathedral” written by Mima Simić and Jasna Žmak, directed by Matija Pisačić and Tvrtko Rašpolić, produced by Dijana Mladenović for Kinematograf in co-production with the Slovenian Invida and the French Denis Friedman Production, the documentary “Storks”, written and directed by Tomislav Jelinčić, produced by Danijel Pek for Antitalent, in co-production with the Slovenian Staragara, and the documentary “The lost dream team”, written and directed by Jure Pavlović, who is also the producer along with Luca Venturin for Sekvenca in co-production with Staragara. During the ceremony the next edition of the RE-ACT workshop was also announced which will be held from 2 to 5 June in Slovenia, at the 12th Kino Otok Izola Cinema Film Festival, concomitantly with Torino Film Lab’s FrameWork program.

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