Summerside at Marché du Film: RIVIERA A6 C1  


Directed by: Agnė Marcinkevičiūtė
Duration: 78’
Year: 2022
Production: Arūnas Stoškus

Austėja, a child whose parents are always too busy with work, and Martynas, a quiet boy who is keeping a big secret, are left with Austėja’s grandparents over autumn break. Expecting to be bored to death in the countryside, the kids are soon proven wrong. Austėja’s grandparents disappear during a mysterious storm, leaving behind only knowledge about a hidden treasure to be found. Austėja and Martynas, accompanied by two countryside kids Rytė and Augustas decide to go look for it, setting off a narrative full of adventures, challenges and lessons about the world.

Sunday May 22 11.30, Palais F


Directed by: Claudia Gerini
Duration: 105’
Year: 2022
Production: Stefano Bethlen for Milano Talent Factory in association with Attitude e Big Tree Movie Entertainment. 

Every day Emma (Claudia Gerini) does online counseling running on her tapis roulant. She unlocks the lives of others while hers remains blocked. She never leaves the house, and she doesn’t let anyone into her life. But this illusory equilibrium is broken when her sister, after 26 years of silence, breaks into her fortress with an unbearable request, which will force Emma to face the ghosts of the past. 

Sunday May 22 18.30, Palais C

(Il Giudizio)

Directed by Gianluca Mattei and Mario Sanzullo
Duration: 105’
Year: 2022
Production: Ventottodieci Produzioni in collaboration with Medusa Film and Prime Video 

Andrea e Junior, padre e figlio adolescente, sono continuamente in attrito, le loro schermaglie e le profonde incomprensioni segnano quotidianamente il loro rapporto.
E’ il modello del nonno Ettore, detenuto in carcere, ad affascinare il ragazzo che rimprovera al proprio padre di essere un debole nei fatti della vita. Eppure sono proprio le vicissitudini giudiziarie di Ettore ad aver minato gravemente la serenità e il benessere familiare che la madre del ragazzo e la nonna tentano, al di là delle differenti vedute, di superare per mantenere unita la famiglia. Un viaggio sospeso tra presente e passato, sogno e realtà, sarà l’occasione per un confronto finalmente aperto e l’inizio di un graduale riavvicinamento. 


(L’Amore non si sa)

Directed by: Marcello Di Noto
Duration: 92’
Year: 2019
Production: IdeaCinema, Scirocco Cinematografica, Rai Cinema. 

Denis is a musician and womanizer who works in the neomelodico musical industry run by the local criminal scene. He carries on with his life without self- inquiry right up to the moment he accidentally finds in between of a settling of scores, realising that no future is possible without breaking the circle of omertà. Thanks to his passionate love for Marian, Denis will find the strength to risk everything and break the silence with no heroism nor tragedy only through pure instinct and pure power of love.

(Life as a B-Movie)

Directed by: Fabrizio Laurenti and Niccolò Vivarelli
Duration: 82’
Year: 2019
Production:  Marcantonio Borghese,Taku Komaya in co-production with Tea Time Film – Wildside. In association with Istituto Luce-Cinecittà

The unbridled life and kaleidoscopic filmography of Piero Vivarelli, who made Italian B- movies of all genres, wrote hit rock songs and penned the screenplay for Sergio Corbucci’s Western “Django,” adored by Quentin Tarantino, are intertwined in a portrait of an unsung postwar pop culture maverick, provocateur and revolutionary (the only non- Cuban besides Che Guevara to be given a Cuban Communist Party card signed by Fidel Castro).