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SOUND ART 23/Innovating and diversifying

The London Media Production Show (9th -10th June ) is the forth- coming market rendez-vous for Sound Art 23: participating in this production and broadcast trade show marks a further step towards the internationalization strategy of this well-known post- production and recording facility, founded by Elisabetta Bucciarelli.
“Over the past few years, we have considerably increased the number of international clients, thanks to our high-quality remote recording studios and digital transfer bay. Innovation has allowed us to work with major international productions and studios such as CBS, Warner Bros. (LA), AMC and many others, choosing to send actors such as Diane Keaton, Jack Huston, Willem Dafoe, Rutger Hauer to our studios to record ADR for their projects”, Marzia Dal Fabbro, head of international relations, explains.

Putting creativity and innovation at the service of sound, in order to give added value to any audiovisual project: this is the “mantra” which keeps driving Sound Art 23 towards technological diversification, leading them to focus, most recently, on their mixing studios.
Dal Fabbro continues:
“Our three mixing studios offer a unique range of equipment and machines, including the ultra-new AVID S6 controller and the highly ap- praised AMS-Neve consoles. Our main mixing studio, dedicated almost exclusively to feature films, has been architecturally and acoustically designed to offer our clients both top notch technology and maximum comfort.
The AMS Neve Logic MMC console is now supported by an AVID S3 controller, 2 Pro-tools HDX systems and a BSS 840 proces-sor.
This allows foley artists, sound editors, composers to have a direct surface control for their projects, optimizing the workflow and making processes quicker and more efficient. This studio has also been refurbished in order to host private screenings for up to 50 people, providing the luxury of viewing the film on a 7m x 3m screen, with a high-definition projection.

In our second mixing studio, dedicated to feature films and to major TV projects (we have just completed mixing Ricky Tognazzi’s Boris Giuliano), we have installed AVID’s amazing S6 controller, which allows our engineers to mix extremely complex sound projects, with maximum ease and speed.
Whereas our third mixing studio features a Digidesign D-Command and is entirely dedicated to TV projects and ADR mixing.
Diversifying allows you to fulfill the different clients’ needs, be they creative or budget-related.

“Of course – Dal Fabbro concludes – all this innovation would be useless were it not for our team of engineers, ranging from the very experienced ones to the young “software wizards”, as I call them, who use the technology and cooperate with the team to provide different creative solutions for each project.”

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