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SETS FOR 2015/Tornatore,Bellocchio, Luchetti, Ghiaccio…

cover_GramelliniWhile last year came to an end with the filming of ‘In un posto bellissimo’ by Giorgia Cecere, the good omens for the Piedmontese set appear to be continuing with the commencement of filming, in the next few months, on ‘Fai bei sogni’. With a 5 million Euro budget, and produced by IBC Movie and Rai Cinema, the movie is directed by Marco Bellocchio and based on the bestseller of the same name, an autobiographical story by the journalist and writer Massimo Gramellini.

Another maestro of Italian cinema, Giuseppe Tornatore, will arrive at Lake Orta in April to shoot part of ‘The correspondence’, a 13 million Euro production (Paco Cinematografica/Rai Cinema, Italian distribution 01, foreign sales Umedia International) with an international cast: Jeremy Irons and Blake Lively; he is a professor of astrophysics, she is a student tormented by a terrible sense of guilt.

Real sins are denounced in the movie that Francesco Ghiaccio began filming in January in Casale Monferrato produced by Indiana Production, starring Marco D’Amore, who also wrote the story and the screenplay along with the director. ‘Un posto sicuro’ (literally “a safe place”), the first movie about the asbestos tragedy, is what the workers thought that they had found when they entered the Eternit dream factory in Casale Monferrato.
The feature movie, ‘Le ultime cose’, directed by Irene Dionisio and produced by Tempesta Film, will be filmed entirely in Turin, starting in June, whilst in March three weeks of shooting will commence in Piedmont on the TV drama (2 Mediaset episodes) ‘Il papa della gente’, directed by Daniele Luchetti and produced by Taodue. There is more television drama with ‘Provaci ancora prof 6’ (produced by Endemol for Mediaset, directed by Enrico Oldoini) and, most importantly, the long-running series
‘Non uccidere’ (working title), an ambitious production commitment both for Rai and the region of Piedmont.

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