direttore Paolo Di Maira

SESTO CIFOLA ( Rai Trade – Italy)

I think that the Screenings is an excellent initiative: it gives people a chance to see the movies that were not shown at Venice or Cannes and it is attended by many clients.  Business Street is a well-established market with excellent locations, it just needs greater participation, but it is starting to give good results.  It is a very European market, if you have good movies here you’ll have the chance to make from 5 to 10 sales.  We have three movies in the “Screenings”: “Alza la testa” and “Dieci inverni” (90% of which has been sold in Japan also because it is now passing through the Tokyo Film Festival) for which I am in negotiations with France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Holland.  I am also currently in negotiations about “Barbarossa” and hope to conclude a deal at the American Film Market.  There are increasingly fewer decision-makers at markets and a lot more consultation, negotiation.  Due to the global crisis there are fewer companies attending and every decision is weighed at length.  Before, in some countries like Greece and Spain, there were 4 or 5 distributors competing against each other.  Now there is just one, maximum two, and there is not the fierce competition between companies there was in the 1980s.

With regard to the Festival I should say that the value of the award has not grown much yet, although some important steps have been taken such as, for example, the creation of an International Jury.  When the Marc’Aurelio has become an important feature of the audiovisual world we will have made our mark.

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