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56 production companies – 26 from italy and 30 from other countries – fi lmed in Tuscany in 2006. 22 movies, 10 documentaries, 6 commercials, 5 TV dramas, 12 TV formats and 1 musical video were made. 263 days of shooting were carried out wiTha total expenditure of approximately 3 million Euros.
The Toscana Film commission, which was launched early last year, has organized an offi ce that off ers production companies a series of services, free of charge: permits and authorizations, occupation of public property, human and technical resources, locations, location scouting.
The Toscana Film commission also looks out for brands which are suitable for inclusion in movies, providing a product placement service, albeit only in the preliminary phase. in other words opportunities for contact and collaboration are created with top companies, not just local ones.
Within the year, two fi nancial support Funds will be set up: one to bring down the costs sustained in the territory, the other for obtaining capital advances from banks.
The criteria for granting funding “” the total of which has not yet been defi ned – will follow the same lines as other regional funds: in loco expenditure equal to at least 150% of the regional contribution, at least 70% of the total outdoor scenes and at least 50% of the total amount of fi lming carried out within the region.


Cinema&Video International    5-2007

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