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Made of Campania: the claim that promotes Campania in the audiovisual world perfectly summarizes the relationship between this region and audiovisuals.  We often quite rightly talk about the beauty of Campania as the home of some of the most famous icons of history and culture, of Italian landscapes and style, and we also mention the variety of unique settings that have brought the great filmmakers and protagonists of the international star system to Campania.
We do not talk as often about the contribution of talent, ideas, creativity and entrepreneurial initiative that Campania has given to cinema and television. It is a long list: from the pioneer of cinema, Elvira Notari, to the producers Goffredo Lombardo, Luigi and Dino de Laurentiis, to Totò and Sofia Loren; from the rebirth of neorealism to the season of Neapolitan arthouse cinema which began at the end of the Eighties with Massimo Troisi, subsequently continuing with Mario Martone then Toni Servillo and Paolo Sorrentino.
It is a long-running cinematic tradition made up of many different gures: stars and artisans, entrepreneurs, great artists and technicians of proverbial professionalism and reliability.

But Campania does not live on the back of its past: the great visibility enjoyed by the region at the recent Venice Film Festival with a total of 10 films present in the various sections, the planetary success of the “Gomorrah” series which, now in its third season and sold to over 150 countries, is the most successful international product in the history of Italian television, are signs of a new ferment animating the creative energies of this land.

An important factor was the approval, in October 2016, of the Campania Cinema Law which placed the work of the Film Commission within the organic development framework for audiovisuals in the region. Operational since 2005, the Film Commission Regione Campania has created the film friendly enviroment that has attracted many big names in international cinema to the region like Ron Howard, Ryan Murphy, John Turturro, Abel Ferrara, Terry Gilliam, Jonathan Demme, Susanne Bier, Guy Ritchie, Michael Winterbottom and the Wachowsky sisters, Rupert Everett and Michael Hoffman who is making “Gore” in Ravello, along with the Italians Matteo Garrone, Gianni Amelio, Marco Tullio Giordana, Ivan Cotroneo, Luca Miniero, Antonio Capuano, Mario Martone, Stefano Incerti, Francesca Comencini, Pappi Corsicato and Paolo Sorrentino.

In twelve years of activity the FCRC has welcomed and facilitated the realization of over 650 projects in Campania, almost 50% of which are feature-length lms for the cinema, television dramas and documentaries, registering an increase over the last few years in arthouse films and long-running television series.

It has also intercepted and accompanied the birth of a new generation of filmmakers from Campania and the growth of new production subjects but, above all, it has fostered the encounter between the supply and demand of content, talent and professional skills involving the national and international production sector and the local sector.

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