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SCENARIOS/Rai Fiction at CanneSeries with the best of international Tv Series

Rai Fiction’s “Il Cacciatore” [The Hunter] follows a strategic line where innovation runs through the stories, characters and language.
The target audience of “Il cacciatore” is that of Raidue.
A product that ts into Rai Fiction’s fan-shaped strategy which works over the three generalist networks, thus offering an opportunity to aim for viewers that are not in Raiuno’s traditionally generalist current.

Dirty stories, complex characters with qualities and flaws, with deep passions, a language that forgets the reassuring conventions not just of the tale itself but of the way it is told.
Moving the target means telling a story in a different way in terms of the writing and the directing that modifies the framing of the shots, that chooses unusual cuts, and in terms of the editing that alternates and splits, blending reality and memory, as well asin the editing and in the music, rediecting the complexity of a contemporary style of storytelling that is in synchrony with the best international series.

In these times when not only the realistic rules of the story are daily brought into question but it is reality itself that, in real time, appears to be shaky, confused and unrecognizable, I think that drama can, paradoxically, help us to decipher it.
And, why not, restore its truth through drama.
Rai Fiction, which is one direction of a public service, has to face this narrative challenge head on and with courage.

“Il cacciatore” uses the reality of the hunt for members of the Mafia in the 1990s to also enter into their homes as though it were a family drama, while the good guys are ambitious and impolite, traitors in their family life but incorruptible in their public one, bringing the genre forward by mixing truth with style.
Therefore the satisfaction goes beyond the numbers. It is the joy of having purchased for Rai 2 – after “Rocco Schiavone”, “La porta rossa” and “L’ispettore Coliandro” – another element that is capable of combining quantity and quality and that helps Italian production talents progress towards a contemporary and international profile.

A result that combines significant viewing figures with the satisfaction of being in competition at the CanneSeries Festival alongside the best international series.
“Il Cacciatore”, based on the book by Alfonso Sabella, produced by Rosario Rinaldo for Cross Productions, directed by Stefano Lodovichi and Davide Marengo, starring Francesco Montanari – heading a group of excellent actors – is a series founded on an extraordinary team of young talents who have never been used by generalist television before: from the scriptwriters to the music composer, from the director of photography to the editor.

                                                                                            Eleonora Andreatta is the director of Rai Fiction

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