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SARDINIA/Heros of our time

The Sardegna Film Commission’s HEROES 20-20-20 Eco- sustainable WEB SERIES competition was announced mid- September.
It aims to promote and spread the culture of energy savings and efficiency, celebrating lifestyles that respect the environment, as well as green production and consumption practices.
The prize is € 150,000, to be used to finance 5 web series, which will get a maximum of € 30,000 + VAT each (including the cost of rights and any synchronized music). The participants, who should appear as the executive producers of the actual web series, have until October 22nd to present projects that develop the themes of energy saving education, the promotion of actions aimed at increasing efficiency in the civil sector and eco-sustainable products realized using local and traditional materials; recycled materials; innovative materials (the complete an- nouncement can be viewed at: http://filmcommission.regione.sarde-gna.it/).

Arriving soon in Sardinia is Raul Bova, star of the Mediaset TV series “Task Force 45”, directed by Bruno Catena, which will be filming at the end of November around the caves of Medio Campidano (province of Cagliari) and the mountains of Barbagia.

At the end of October, filming will also begin on the docu-drama “The Rough Emerald”, directed by Australia’s Lisa Camillo Satta, and produced by LMCC Films with Cutting Edge.

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