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SARDINIA/Nightmare at Sea

A lot of sets are being hosted in the province of Cagliari at the beginning of the year: Urzulei, Marina di Tertenia, Cagliari and Siliqua are the locations of “L’Agnello” by Mario Piredda, produced by Ivan Olgiati and Chiara Galloni for Articolture and Richard Magnien and Marie Mouchel-Blaisot for MAT Productions.

Cagliari was the set for the TV show “Food Advisor-Only the best survive” directed by Vito Trecarichi and produced by Dry Media SRL for the Italian “Food Network”.

“Cacciatore di paesaggi”, the documentary by Paolo Toncelli, part of the format for the “Kilimingiaro” program onRAI 3, traveled to Arbus and Fluminimaggiore. This new series will be entirely made and post-produced in 4K Ultra HD in order to present often very little known locations in the Bel Paese.

Between December and January the province of Cagliari also welcomed two productions in which the protagonist is the sea.

“Mare Nostrum-The Nightmare”, shot in Cagliari, Guspini and Montevecchio was filmed in virtual reality at stereoscopic 360°, and immerges the viewer in a vortex of emotions to recreate the nightmare journey of a refugee from the Sahara to the Mediterranean Sea. This is an Italian-German co-production, between Tama Filmprodukion and Bizef Produzione, directed by Stefania Casini, with Pascal Hanke as the director of photography for the 360 degree filming.
The project has benefitted from the logistic and creative support of the Fondazione Sardegna Film Commission. The production also features Alessandro Chiodo as director of photography and the American Casey Sapp for the underwater shots. The star of the movie is the young Sardinian Riccardo Zghoud Benoni.

Marco Amenta has instead set his noir road movie “Tra le onde”, produced by Eurofilm, around Cagliari, Oristano, Cabras, Tratalias, Sant’Antioco, Calasetta and Carloforte.

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