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SARDINIA/Castiadas, Paradies of the guilty

Villasimius and Capo Boi are the locations preselected for the movie “The Way Things go” written and directed by Ulrike Kofler and produced by Novotny & Novotny Film GmbH of Vienna.
This is the story of the tragic vacation in Sardinia of a couple that cannot accept the idea of not being able to have children.

“Il Miracolo dei Rei” is instead a documentary that tells the origins of what is today a heavenly tourist destination, Castiadas, a land afflicted by malaria and plague which was uninhabited from 1500 until the birth of the Kingdom of Italy when it was decided to transform it into the largest Italian agricultural penal colony.
The movie, filmed in the former Penal Colony in Castiadas and partly in the Civil hospital of Cagliari was devised, written and directed by the young Sardinian director Alessandra Usai and produced by Hypatia Pictures and Zena films.

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