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ROME FICTION FEST/A National-Popular Event

The rather surprising news that Felice Laudadio is no longer the director of the Roma Fiction Fest was announced at the end of February: differences regarding some points of the contract for the current year that he was about to sign and which had not been resolved resulted in the mandate being deferred.

A new director was immediately appointed.

Steve Della Casa, was already heavily involved in the event (a member of the selection committee, he was in charge of master classes, Auditorium events and press conference organization), and he is also the current president of the Film Commission Torino Piemonte and a former director of the Turin Festival.

Although his appointment, announced at the same time as Laudadio’s departure, came as a surprise even to Della Casa himself (“Everything happened in less than 48 hours” “” the resignation, the job offer, the “blessing” of the outgoing director), the choice made so near to the event (7th “” 12th July) offers a guarantee of continuity and experience.

«We are continuing the path set out by Laudadio», explains theincoming director, who had already starting working on this edition. «And once a machine is running it is best not to stop it».

The same people, the same structure.
The APT is one of the organizations promoting the festival, «this obviously means that it is much easier to make a whole series of contacts.
An advantage that not many other events have».

However, some changes will be inevitable as a result of the new director’s personality and preferences.
First and foremost, the movie theater programming will be characterized to suit the type of drama being screened.
«Big national-popular dramas and Rai/Mediaset events will be held at the Auditorium della Conciliazione, given the size of the same.
The rest of the competition, the series, the tributes, the foreign productions, will be screened at the Cinema Adriano».

«Another thing I would like to do, which is directly influenced by my personality and culture, is to give greater space to national-popular products.
So: make way for quality national productions».

Another important thing, according to Della Casa, is the need to link the selection of the titles to the willingness of the producers and broadcasters to bring the artists and products along to the event, so that the public can meet their favorites and the press can have something to write about.
«The aim of the festival is to promote Italian and European drama. And promoting a product means something more complex than just showing it to people».
For this reason, contact has already been made with the two main Italian groups, with Sky, and the Italian representatives of the US TV majors. «They have all said that they are willing to collaborate. We shall see”¦Â».

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