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ROME F.F/Business enters New Streets

I think it is wrong to calculate the success of a Market according to the number of contracts: contacts are more important at Markets and these can only be evaluated at the end of the year”.
At the helm of Business Street, now in its fourth edition, for the first time, Roberto Cicutto wants to introduce a new approach, despite the 16% increase in participation (720 visitors from 47 countries, versus 620 from 287 countries last year): he is not looking for success in numbers but in a new and improved organization of the services and is involving other European markets in his efforts.
He already made contact with the organizers of the Berlin and Cannes markets at the beginning of the year. “At the moment we are just exchanging information”, but Cicutto does not exclude the possibility of coming to an agreement in order to offer a package of special conditions for those attending all three markets.

With the HQ located at the Hotel Bernini (and the Krugg Terrace), the fourth edition of Business Street remains rooted on Via Veneto whilst also offering buyers and sellers some areas in the Hotel Majestic (for meetings and workshops).
The Screenings (of which there will be around 150), will be held in the neighboring Fiamma and Barberini Cinemas, whilst “Italian Screenings”, a shortlist of 19 brand new Italian movies (the new proposals for this year) will be held at the Cinema 4 Fontane.
An additional venue will be the Auditorium, the Festival’s HQ, at the Green House.

With the important contribution of the coordinator, Diamara Parodi who, along with Silvain Auzou will ensure the project’s continuity, Cicutto is looking to maximize the originality of the Rome Film Market: areas without stands, pleasant meeting places, more business creativity.
An example of this is the evenings at Villa Medici organized by artists who are the Festival’s guests and participants at the Market. Moreover, an even bigger role will be played by New Cinema Network, the co-productions market (location: Casa del Cinema) connected to Business Street which, in previous editions, has promoted 75 movies, 30 of which have already been made.

A curious detail: the movie directed by Giorgio Diritti , “L’uomo che verrà “, which is in competition, and the movies “Life in one day” by Mark De Cloe, and “Simon Konianski” by Micha Wald, both in the “L’altro cinema” section, were all products of Cinema Network.
26 projects from 17 countries have been selected.

Some more figures: Business Street will be welcoming 91 sellers from 14 countries (there were 20 in 2008), and 290 buyers (260 last year).

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