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RFF/ Rai Fiction sets its sights on regions

How can product quality be maintained with reduced resources?  By working on the “quality of the construction materials of a drama, the quality of the actors, the writing” and, above all, “the locations”.  This is the new strategic course presented by Eleonora Andreatta, the new director of Rai Fiction during her first public “outing” at the conference “Public resources for drama in Europe and the main European countries”, held on October 1st at the RomaFiction Fest.

This new attention to locations comes from an awareness of the positive results of “working on the strong identity of Italian products”.  Quoting the examples of Montalbano and the more recent “Un passo dal cielo”, the success of which was mainly due to the places in which the stories were set (Sicily and Alto Adige), Andreatta announced her intention to “promote regional filming”.  However, it was also necessary to “open up a discussion about territorial policy, what is needed in order to make regional contributions both systematic and structural in terms of investment in our sector”, because “the growth of the audiovisual sector is a source of wealth for our regions”.

On the eve of Mipcom, the director of Rai Fiction confirmed that the Rai’s strategy will focus on co-productions with international partners as a way of accessing foreign markets.  But a further step is needed: “we need to seek out agreements that allow us to collaborate on several projects”.

Mediaset, on the other hand, is adopting a low profile approach.  Their solution to the crisis, explained to the conference by Giancarlo Scheri, Mediaset’s head of drama, is to simply reduce costs both “above the line” (i.e. payments made to the stars) and “under the line”: “concentrating on sequels and long-running series” to optimize costs and encourage audience loyalty.



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