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RE-ACT/The Magnificent Six

WEMW was also the occasion for presenting awards to the projects realized by RE-ACT, the transnational audiovisual cooperation initiative started in 2015 by the Centro Audiovisivo Croato, the Friuli Venezia Giulia Audiovisual Fund and the Slovenian Film Centre.

The six winning projects, which were each awarded € 10,000 of co- development support were:
“Dark mother earth”, written by Kristian Nova and Rok Biček who is also the director, produced by Danijel Pek for Antitalent (Croatia) in co- production with Cvinger film (Slovenia); “Don’t forget to breathe”, written by Martin Turk (who also directs) and Gorazd Trušnovec, produced by Ida Weiss for Bela film (Slovenia), in co-production with Quasar Media (Italy), Studio Dim (Croatia); “Half sister”, written by Damjan Kozole (who also directs) and Urša Menart, produced by Daniel Hočevar for Vertigo (Slovenia), in co-production with Nefertiti (Italy), Propeler (Croatia), Baš Čelik (Serbia); “Menocchio”, written by Alberto Fasulo (who is also the director) and Enrico Vecchi, produced by Nadia Trevisan for Nefertiti (Italy), in co-production wit Antitalent (Croatia); “Riders”, written by Dominik Mencej (who also directs) and Boris Grgurović, produced by Miha Černec for Staragara (Slovenia) in co-production with Antitalent (Croatia) and Transmedia (Italy); “The Champion”, written and directed by Giordano Bianchi and Martina Marafatto, a documentary produced by Paola Sponda for Border Studio Soc. Coop. (Italy), in coproduction with AVI film (Slovenia).

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