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Nicola is forty-years-old and is the owner of a factory on the brink of bankrupt.
Even his marriage with Laura undergoes a crisis when he begins to suspect is cheating on him.
Everything seems falling apart until all the pieces come back together: the company, the marriage and social success.
But Nicholas is holding more than one secret and Laura will unmask him. Director: Giuliano Montaldo
Lenght: 94′ Italian with English subtitles
Italy “” Drama “” 2011


From the 1976 cult book by Stefano Benni, Sports Bar, now comes the screen adaptation of his work.
Bar Sport is a province cafè where the crossroads of the legendary Luisona croissants, cappuccinos and grappinos (homemade spirits) tell the stories of comic and surreal characters.
Director: Giuliano Montaldo
Prod.: Bibi film in collaboration with RAI CINEMA
Lenght: 93′ Italian with English subtitles
Italy “” Comedy “” 2011


Giacomo is a 40-year old manager who fails to fall in love, but one day he meets a girl on the bus and it’s love at first sight.
The girl, after a brief chat, tells him that she has decided to move to New York for her job.
Deprived of his daily pleasure James decides to go look after the woman in New York …
Director: Massimo Venier
Prod.: IBC Movie in collaboration with Rai Cinema and Gruppo Telecom Italia Media. In association with FIP “” Film Investimenti Piemonte Lenght: 90′ Italian with English subtitles
Italy “” Comedy “” 2011


Bruno Beltrame has hung up his professional boots for some time now. All that remains of his old talent as a writer is what little he uses to write “other people’s books” on commission: footballer and TV personalities’ biographies.
His passion for teaching has given way to a listless routine of private home lessons to students who are just as slack as he is, among whom one who stands out is 15-year-old Luca, as ignorant as the others, but lively and flippant.
One day the boy’s mother shows up with a revelation that throws Bruno’s life into a tailspin: Luca is his son, a son of whose existence he was unaware.
Thus begins an improbable cohabitation between the apathetic former teacher and the restless teenager, six months during which Luca will find himself having to deal with an adult male figure and Bruno, in spite of himself, won’t be able to avoid taking care of that secret son who, to make things worse, seems bound to get himself into some bad trouble”¦
Director: Francesco Bruni
Script: Francesco Bruni
Prod. Co: IBC Movie in collaboration with Rai Cinema
Length: 95′ Italian with English subtitles “” Italy “” Comedy “” 2011

THE CARDBOARD VILLAGE “” IL VILLAGGIO DI CARTONE It’s the old priest, for many years the parish priest of that church which is no longer needed and is being dismantled.
It’s useless to try to object: nothing can stop the course of events that the advent of the new realities are imposing on history. Nevertheless, faced with the ruin of his church, the old priest perceives the arising of a new insight that supports him.
A time is beginning in which the world needs new and just men to reveal the ambiguity of so much wasting of words with the objectivity of actions and behaviors.
Director: Ermanno Olmi
Considerations by: Claudio Magris and Gianfranco Ravasi
Prod.: CINEMAUNDICI in collaboration with RAI CINEMA. In association with EDISON SpA, with the collaboration of APULIA FILM COMMISSION and REGION OF PUGLIA and in association with INTESA SANPAOLO SpA Lenght: 87′ Italian with English subtitles “” Italy “” Drama “” 2011

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