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RACCONTI#6/Tv of Tomorrow

RACCONTI #6 IDM Script Lab is all about new approaches to storytelling for television.
This time, writers have the opportunity to apply for two different sections of the program, which both have the same goal: to create an outstanding TV series concept with a courageous, new approach and the help of international experts.
Writers can choose to apply either as staff writers to develop a TV series concept in a Writers’ Room under the guidance of a renowned head writer OR as creators with their own TV series ideas and develop their concepts in an individually tailored mentoring program that culminates in an exclusive presentation for international producers.

Writers’ Room-section:
For the first time writers will develop a TV series with an additional cross-platform narrative. A team of five screenwriters will flesh out a concept for this TV series in close collaboration with German production company FFP New Media. German writer Christian Jeltsch (“Tatort”) will lead this room as a head writer and develop his idea with the selected staff writers. British transmedia expert David Varela (“Sherlock”) will consult the team.

RACCONTI #6 encourages writers to submit their proposals for a TV series to be considered by a high profile jury of European experts.
There are no restrictions in terms of genre, format or location, but there is one challenge: we are looking specifically for ideas that are “high concepts” and can be realized as a “low budget” production. The goal is to attract an international producer to this project.
Writers will be guided through the development process by British story consultant John Yorke (“The Missing”) and two mentors: Israeli producer Maria Feldman (“False Flag”) and French producer Harold Valentin (“Dix Pour Cent”).

Deadline for applications is January 16, 2017.
Both sections of the program take place simultaneously under the roof of the RACCONTI IDM Script Lab.
The working language is English.
Session 1 takes place from May 1-7, session 2 from June 12-18, 2017.
For more information please visit our IDM website

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