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PUGLIA/In Cannes with Monica Bellucci

“Ne te retourne Pas”, selected for the “Midnight Screenings” section of the Cannes Film Festival, was partly filmed in Puglia.

The movie is directed by the young French director Marina de Van and stars Monica Bellucci, Sophie Marceau and Andrea Di Stefano. co-produced by Ex Nihilo (Patrick Sobelman – France) with Conchita Airoldi for Studio Urania (Italy), Samsa Film (Jani Thiltges– Luxembourg) and Entre Chien et Loup (Diana Elbaum and Sébastien Delloye – Belgium), this movie was the first theatrical project to receive a contribution, in October 2007, from the then newly created Fondazione Apulia Film Commission.
In fact, four out of the thirteen weeks of filming (in Paris and Luxembourg), took place amidst the extraordinary architecture of baroque Lecce.

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