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PROJECTS/D’Alò’s Pinocchio

An all-Italian animated movie about “Pinocchio”.
It’s about time! The pilot “” a regular short film “” featuring the sensational drawings of Lorenzo Mattotti, directed by Enzo d’Alò, produced by Lanterna Magica and Rai Fiction, had already won a well-deserved award at the Annecy Festival in 2001, the most prestigious international event in the animation sector.
After various twists and turns, the director of “Lucky and Zorba” “” which, until the advent of “Winx Club” was the only Italian animated feature film to be a big box office success, exactly ten years ago “” took his movie out of the bottom drawer and presented it at Potsdam where the 10th Cartoon Movie was held from 5th “” 8th March.
A new production structure, headed by Cometafilm and quality partners in France, Belgium and Luxembourg, for a 7.3 million Euro project, again with the elegant graphic illustrations of Mattotti, and a screenplay by D’Alò and Umberto Marino, who also wrote “La Freccia Azzurra”, now accompanied by the music of Lucio Dalla.

Pinocchio was one of the 28 new projects presented to the 500 international producers and distributors attending the traditional rendezvous dedicated to European animated feature financing, a particularly satisfying edition for Italy after years of projects which were over-ambitious, numerically irrelevant or totally absent.

 High on the public success of the series co-produced with Rai Fiction, now in its third season (currently being broadcast by Rai Due; a fourth series is in production), Gruppo Alcuni from Treviso presented “I Cuccioli e il codice di Marco Polo”, a feature movie that received financing of 1.6 million Euros from the MiBAC, plus another 600 thousand Euros from Eurimages, out of the expected 4.4 million Euros, and which is also coproduced with Grupo Edebé, an important Spanish company.
In the Manfio brothers’ movie, six puppies try to thwart the diabolic plans of a witch-crow who wants to dry up the canals of Venice and turn them into roads.

 “Donkey Xote” by Filmax (“El Cid”, “Il topolino Marty e la fabbrica di perle”), has already been released in Spain.
This is a 3D parody of the famous novel by Cervantes, co-produced and excellently animated by Lumiq Studios in Turin.
Already sold to around thirty countries, the movie has not yet found an Italian distributor.

In the fall, DNC will be distributing approximately 200 copies of the 3D movie based on the successful series “Cacciatori di draghi” which opened the event organized by Cartoon, whilst Bim will launch “I tre briganti” by Hayo Freitag, a movie which was rather underexposed at the Rome Film Festival.

Also at Potsdam was “Tidoms”, a co-production project with France’s Lumiq Studios, and “Amici per sempre”, a movie for the very young by Turin’s Enanimation, based on the TV series, due to arrive next spring, one of the 10 movies in production included in the Cartoon Movie schedule presenting a total of 48 new titles, 10 of which are ready.

Finally, again in Turin, Lanterna Magica is co-producing “Il segreto di Eleonora”, a French feature movie with an authorial imprint and a small budget that will be ready by the end of the year.

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