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SPECIAL PIEDMONT/An excellent Vintage

2016 was an extremely positive year for the Film Commission Torino Piemonte, confirming and consolidating the relaunch set in motion the previous year.
“The Foundation,” comments director Paolo Manera, “took steps to expand and strengthen the region’s proposals and to confirm our Film Commission as an essential subject for the development of Piedmont”.

Let’s start with the numbers.
A total of 125 productions received support in the region: 16 feature films for cinema, 8 TV dramas, 15 shorts, 20 documentaries and 66 commercials, news reports and video clips. Activities which engaged members of the trade in the region for over 60 weeks of preparation and 125 weeks of filming, with the involvement of numerous local professionals.
The system created employment opportunities for 566 professionals and local technicians, plus 150 local actors and around 5,000 extras, making a total estimated economic return for the region of around € 15.6 million.

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