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PIEDMONT/Savoia in Rome

The documentary “Flavioh, tributo a Flavio Bucci” by Riccardo Zinna – produced by Cargo Film in association with Piedmont’s Indyca Film – will be at the Rome Film Fest in the Omaggi section: the film received production support from the Film Commission Torino Piedmont [FCTP]- Piemonte Doc Film Fund in July 2017.
Another documentary supported by the FCTP and also produced by Indyca Film is “The Butterfly” by Alessandro Cassigoli and Casey Kauffman, which will be in competition in the autonomous section of the Alice nella Città Festival.
Alice nelle Città (Panorama section) will also feature the comedy directed by Francesco Mandelli “Bene ma non benissimo”, produced by Pier Paolo Piastra’s Viva Productions and realized with the support of the Film Commission Torino Piedmont with the collaboration of FIP Film Investimenti Piemonte.

The Film Commission Torino Piemonte (FCTP) will be attending MIA to continue the presentation to producers and broadcasters of the 10 finalists of the Contest Savoia created to select the best concept for a high profile TV Series historically set in the period of the Savoy dynasty capable of maximizing the history of the Piedmont region and the circuit of royal residences. The contest will end in November at the 36th Torino Film Festival when the winning project will be announced.

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