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PIEDMONT/News stories with a touch of drama

Filming is in progress in Turin and the neighboring area on “Il mondo sulle spalle” by Nicola Campiotti, produced by Picomedia.
The set of some episodes of “Il terzo indizio-The third clue” by Fabrizio Portalupi, the Italian Rete 4 show that dramatizes famous news stories will also be active from March until next September.
It is produced by
Cinefonie (Turin) with the support of the Film Commission Torino Piemonte.
Turin also recently hosted the dramatization of the Moro case, this time bearing the Rai Tre brand: the six weeks of filming on “M– Aldo Moro” by Michele Santoro, produced by
Zerostudio’s in Rome and by the Centro di Produzione Rai in Turin, came to an end at the beginning of May.
Filming has also recently ended on the independent film “Alien food”, directed by Giorgio Cugno and produced by
Ganglio Film.
Between February and March the countryside around Turin also provided the set for the independent low budget horror movie “Fallen” which will be distributed on VOD platforms.

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