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PESCARA/Abruzzo goes to Hollywood

The creation of an Abruzzo Film Commission Advisory Board in North America (AFCAB) has finally obtained the go-ahead from Mauro Febbo, councilman for Economic, Tourism, Cultural, and Entertainment Activi-ties for the Abruzzo Region Government), and is now proceeding at full speed.

The AFCAB will be made up of talented individuals of Abruzzese origin from the U.S. and Canada who work with Hollywood.
It has been reported that Abruzzo has the greatest number of talents in the audiovisual field with Hollywood ties than any other Italian region. Examples include Alan Alda, Michael Bublé, Ariana Grande, Patty LuPone, Madonna, Cristina Rosato, and Annabella Sciorra.

The AFCAB’s priority will be to leverage the talent of Hollywood’s Abruzzese co-regionals to bring television and film productions to Abruzzo.
The new entity will be officially announced this November during the American Film Market in Santa Monica, California, with a conference and a reception.

The AFCAB was born thanks to the work of Francesco Di Filippo, responsible for the Abruzzo Film Commission (who brought the idea to the attention of the newly elected Mauro Febbo), after years of lobbying from Video- Age‘s own Dom Serafini, himself of Abruzzese origins. Serafini will focus on the development of the AFCAB from New York City and Los Angeles.

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