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NEW SERIES/Olympus can wait

“A blast of modernity, an exciting story and settings that reflect the everyday life of girls today”.
This is how Marco Marcolini, producer for The Animation Band presents their new project, “Ragazze dell’Olimpo” [The Girls of Olympus] which will become a 26 x 30′ episode series, co-produced with Rai Fiction.
Based on the saga of the same name by Elena Kedros, published by Mondadori, the series blends fantasy with reality and stars three normal girls who are forced to face up to their repressed and forgotten past.
Amidst a whirlpool of emotions and unexpected twists and turns, they finally find out about their true identity, their hidden powers and their inevitable destiny.
The salvation of the world as we know it, as well as their own world, depends on them.
“I found this title three years ago and thought it would be a good subject for a TV series right from the start”, explains Marcolini.
“Six books have already been published, two a year, which have sold, to date, around 100 thousand copies.
I bought the user rights for all present and future books. The publishing rights have already been sold to France, Hungary, Serbia, Spain, Turkey, Belgium, Holland, Brazil, Greece, Romania and Russia”.
The story? “The three main characters are catapulted into a sort of parallel world in Olympus and discover that they are goddesses who have escaped the power-hungry Ares, the god of war, who has turned all the other gods into stone.
They are the only survivors”.
Following the agreement with Turner for the Korean series “Pororo”, Marcolini has also announced an international distribution contract with Germany’s Beta Film for the Italian-French series, “Stellina”, and the sale of the animated “feuilleton” “Loulou de Montmartre” to Scandinavia, whilst “Ulysses” will be broadcast by Rai 2 within the end of the year.

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