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MONDO TV/Angels launched at MipCom

Mediaset’s answer to Winx is “Angel’s Friends, the Secret World Around You”, the new series of 52 x 13′ episodes from Play Entertainment in co-production with Mondo Home Entertainment and Mediaset.
A comedy-adventure dedicated to the 6-13 year age group, it is based on the comic strip created by Simona Ferri which has rapidly conquered the Italian market.
“Angel’s friends”, which started publication in 2007, is the first original brand for Play Press in Rome, a publishing company which offers a wide range of publications.
The series will be launched at Mipcom by Mondo TV, the executive producer and international distributor, whilst the licensing will be handled by Starbright.

“Angel’s Friends” features the adventures of 5 angels and 5 devils who come to Earth in order to become 100% perfect Guardian Angels or Devils. Gabi, Urié, Raf, Dolce and Ang-Li live in crowded Angie Town where they have special lessons in order to become 100% angels.
In order to do this, they and their cute mascots have to spend a period of time on Earth with human beings.
Just like Winx, they belong to different ethnic groups, they love to listen to and play hip hop music, and they are distinguished by the color of their wings and their perfect “street style” clothing.
The five devils also arrive on Earth with their mascots for the same reason: Sulfus, Kabalè, Cabiria, Gas and Mefisto love the dark side, they dress as punks and favor somber colors (picture on the right).
At the center of the contest are five Earth children who attend the same school but do not know that they are being studied by the angels and devils.
Adventure, friendship and love are the key themes of the stories.

According to Mondo TV, a number of top broadcasters in the US and Europe have already shown a lot of interest in the series.
Currently in production, it will be screened next fall and there is already talk of a second and third series.
In the meantime, Play Entertainment has created a website to support the pre-launch of the program. www. angelsfriends.it introduces the five main characters and offers games, tests, horoscopes, avatars and a blog for fans to discuss the program.

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