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MONDO TV/Angels fly to Cannes

Four animated products for MipTV from Mondo TV, the Rome-based group headed by Orlando Corradi which has one of the largest animation libraries in Europe with over 1,500 episodes of TV series and more than 50 feature length movies for cinema and home video.

The series which have not yet been broadcast include “Angel’s Friends, the Secret World Around You”, the leading title on the company’s list, and “Kim”.

A comedy-adventure aimed at a target audience of 5-12 year olds, based on a comic strip created by Simona Ferri who has been involved in the development of kids’ publishing for over twenty years, “Angel’s Friends” is a 52 x 13′ episode cartoon from Play Entertainment in co-production with Mondo Home Entertainment and Mediaset, for which Mondo TV is handling the executive production and the international distribution.
The series features 5 young angels and 5 devils who have to become 100% angels and devils.
For this reason they have to spend a period of apprenticeship on Earth in order to gain that 1% that will make them proper impeccable Guardian Angels or Guardian Devils.
“The strength of Angel’s Friends is their closeness to our imagination”, explains Simona Ferri, “the value of the protection to be found within the figure of the angels is one of the symbols of the series.
We are very pleased with the response we have had from the market and have already signed the first licensing contracts with some key categories.
In Italy, Giochi Preziosi will be making the toys, school products and footwear, Grani will be handling the sticker collection, Giunti the books and Nestlé the Easter eggs.”
The cartoon will be ready at the end of the year and will then be broadcast on the Mediaset channels.

“Kim” is a Rai Fiction co-production based on the famous novel by Kipling which, for the first time, becomes an animated series of 26 x 30′ episodes aimed at a target audience of 6″”12 year olds, directed by Giuseppe Laganà .

Another Rai Fiction co-production is the 26 x 30′ episode series “Sandokan “” Le due Tigri”, the third season of the successful series about Salgari’s hero, which was broadcast by Rai Due at the end of 2008, also directed by Laganà .

Finally, there is “Monsters & Pirates”, a co-production between Mondo TV and Magic Production Group, an associate of the confectionery giant Ferrero.
13 episodes directed by Maurizio Forestieri (another 13 are still in production) which adventure into an imaginary sea, searching for the legendary treasure of Captain Barracuda, where friendship and courage triumph.
 DVDs with the first two episodes of the cartoon, recently broadcast on Italia 1, can be found inside packets of Ferrero snacks, along with characters from the series which are also available inside the famous Kinder eggs.

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