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MONDO TV/A Virus Attack

What could be more topical than a pandemic?
First bird flu in 2003 and now the H1N1 virus, better known as swine flu, are forcing governments all over the world to find ways of controlling the spread of this fearful pathogen.
In “Virus Attack”, an animated series of 52 x 13′ episodes co-produced by Mondo TV and SUK in Milan, a multitude of viruses from four planets that can mutate, transform, merge together and reproduce themselves, increasing their super powers, are threatening the diseased Earth where pollution and human beings have allowed the viruses to establish themselves and spread.
But who are these monstrous-looking viruses?
They are the inhabitants of a peaceful city who, hundreds of years previously, were kidnapped and transported to planets used as incubators, where they were transformed into monstrous viruses in order to conquer the Earth.
The exciting discovery of a brilliant scientist makes it possible for five kids to have a special DNA that turns them into anti-viruses.
The only way for this transformation to take place is for them to come into contact with the viruses.
With their agility, courage, intelligence and super powers they will be able to save the world.
The series, which is still in the preparatory phase, will be ready for next October.

On October 19th this year, the afternoons on Italia 1 will include “Angel’s Friends” from Mondo TV, in collaboration with Giochi Preziosi the “Master Toy Licensee” for Europe.
The series will also soon be broadcast in France (Teletoon) and Belgium (Club RTL), as well as on Telecinco and Cartoon Network in Spain where the EDEBE group will handle some of the merchandising categories, whilst the licensing for Latin America will be managed by the Spanish company EXIM.
Based on the cartoon created by Simona Ferri, the 52 x 13′ comedy-adventure series is aimed at 7 “” 13 year olds who will also be able to buy a series of dedicated products featuring the gentle Angels and the trendy Devils, the protagonists of the cartoon. From the end of October, Mondo TV will also be broadcasting “Kim”, a co-production with Rai Fiction for the Rai Due morning show “Cartoon Flakes”, based on Kipling’s famous novel which is being animated for the first time in a series of 26 half hour episodes directed by Giuseppe Laganà .

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