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MIPTV/ Italian Drama.

What are you going to do at Mip?
We will be presenting the Italian market with the help of a trailer.

Which projects will be of interest to international markets?
Historical dramas, biographies “¦ Like “War and peace” “” 4 episodes for autumn 2007 “” the biggest co-production made in Europe in recent years in terms of commitment and prestige, which involves French, Spanish, Polish and Russian partners, and “Caravaggio”, with France and Spain. We will also be announcing Liliana Cavani’s “Einstein” in Cannes. We are preparing a co-production on Piccini, in which the Americans will also be involved. There should be good results for “Sangue pazzo” (Ferida-Valenti) by Marco Risi and “I Viceré” by Roberto Faenza, based on De Roberto’s historical novel which will have a double release, first in movie theaters and then on television. The “Coco Chanel” project might also be a title for Mip.

What about long running drama series?
These are growing in terms of production and interest. For example, “Gente di mare” is being screened on Foxlife France. Even products like “Capri” have a certain significance. There are also projects of theatrical prominence such as the four “Commissario De Luca” TV movies, by Lucarelli, with Alessandro Preziosi, directed by Antonio Frazzi.

The winning detective genre”¦.
This genre and form of ensemble production lends itself perfectly to long running series. Medical dramas are also very popular.

The Rai’s production plan has just recently been approved “¦
The overall investment amounts to around 290 million Euros.
We are nearing our physiological limit as we want to avoid any overlapping of our dramas series on the various networks. However, we intend to upgrade Raidue’s proposals with products aimed at younger audiences: detective series and sit-coms. With regard to Raitre, “Un posto al sole” and “La squadra” have been confirmed, with the latter receiving a budget increase that will make it possible to have two fifty minute episodes per evening in order to speed up the plot lines and attract new audiences. These two productions will shortly be joined by “Colpi di sole”, a sit-com set in a beauty salon.

A last word about cartoons.
We will not be presenting any cartoons at Mip. They have Cartoons on the Bay. However, it is true: they are an international product, there are no problems with dubbing or celebrity actors, kids are much more globalized than adults. However, the timing and investment required for animation cartoons mean that they are all co-productions.


Rai Trade will present a promo reel at MIPTV on the international coproduction “War and Peace”. It is a 30 million dollar production involving Rai Fiction and Lux Vide (Italy), Eos Film (Germany) and Canal Rossia (Russia) Other partners include Pampa Production, Baltimedia Projector, and Grupo Intereconomia. Rai Trade has the sales rights in selected territories. “War and Peace” is inspired by the masterpiece of the same name by Lev Tolstoj.
The story line begins from 1805 when Russia entered the war against Napoleon Bonaparte and continues up to 1812 with the terrible fire in Moscow and the destruction of the French army. It is the dramatic and tragic story of two noble Russian families- the Bolkonskjs and the Rostovs. “War and Peace” is directed by Robert Dornhelm and is a miniseries in 4 parts of 100 minutes each. It has an international cast. Alessio Boni (from the much awarded “La meglio Gioventù” and sold worldwide) plays Prince Andrei, and Clemence Poesy ( from Harry Potter) plays the young girl Natasha.

Alessio Boni is also the protagonist in “Caravaggio,’ a biopic of 8 milion dollars, on the famous but violent painter who lived in the 1600s. It is a co-production of Rai Fiction with Titania Produzioni (Italy), the Institut del Cinema Català  (Spain), EOS Entertainment (Germany) and GMT Productions (France). The miniseries (2 episodes of 100 minutes each), also has a theatrical version for selected territories. It describes the tormented life of the artist and the man. Caravaggio”, directed by Angelo Longoni, is shot by the Oscar winning director of photography, Vittorio Storaro, and it also has a soundtrack of music composed by Luis Bacalov. Rai Trade has world rights for its distribution and at MIPTV will already be able to show some of the scenes from the filming.
In the format category, Rai Trade will present “Donne” (Women) a new programme created in a cross between reality and talk-show styles. In the documentary section Rai Trade will present “Marcello Mastroianni”, a homage to this famous Italian actor, whose face was seen in the best films from Federico Fellini.

Rai Trade continues to support animation. At MIPTV it will present the English version of ” Gino the chicken ” ( 52 x 13′), a series for children from 7-12 years produced by Rai Fiction, Lanterna Magica and My Tv, and will also be selling its library of classical musical series to international buyers. At Cannes it will show the opera “Aida” by Franco Zeffirelli .


Cinema&Video   3/4-2007

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