direttore Paolo Di Maira

MILADA RYBAROVA (Atlas – Germany)

It’s the third time for me here and I have to say the organization is excellent, especially compared to Venice, from which I feel this market is stealing a lot because Venice (I have been going there for a  long time) is losing its position as an International market, this year there were no buyers or sellers and I think this is the beginning of the end.  Maybe it’s not losing its artistic position but I think that in the end, market and artistic position go hand in hand.

Going back to BS I think it’s a good idea to invite international sellers because there are not very many sales companies in Italy.

The terrace is great, the cinemas close by, the shuttle works.  Maybe the only thing I can say is that they should keep the seats on the terrace free, it’s very important that everyone is guaranteed a place to sit down.  I’m not sure this is a place for closing deals, especially with the AFM 2 weeks later, but it’s perfect for starting conversations and having a look at libraries in a more relaxed atmosphere.

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