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MEDIA/The need for a Regional Perspective

It has been communicated many times that the EU and its MEDIA programme have to remember to include the regional/subnational perspective in their policy-making! In recent years we have noticed that when “national” is mentioned there is no reference to “regional” culture. Why this is happening we don’t know – but it is worrying – particularly if it regards activities initiated, paid for and controlled by the MEDIA unit in Brussels such as, for example the European Film Forum
roadshow/ seminars which have taken place during the last 24 months and, more recently, with the Public Consultation/online survey on the Evaluation of MEDIA.
In the survey/questionnaire the regional level was 100% left out!
There were no references to the regional /subnational level but only to the national, international and European funding programmes.
This was despite the fact: that the regions co- finance many MEDIA supported films, training initiatives and festivals; that the annual funding capital of the regional film funds is twice that of MEDIA; and that we have MEDIA desks located in the regions & co-hosted by the regional film funds & regional money!
It is a surprise to me that Europe’s regions are not used as a strength in EU film policy-making.
Indeed the film funds in the European regions play a big role in fostering European diversity by financing unique and artistically interesting lms”.

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