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MARCHE/From Raffaello to Dante (Ferretti)

“Dante Ferretti, scenografo italiano”, directed by Gianfranco Giagni, is a medium length feature produced by Cinecittà  Studios in collaboration with Nicomax Cinematografica, which was filmed at the end of March in Macerata, the birthplace of Oscar winning set designer Dante Ferretti, and Civitanova Marche, with the support of the Marche Film commission, the city council and Province of Macerata.

There is also filming going on in Urbino.
Director Luciano Emmer will be in the city and other locations in the Montefeltro area for his documentary “Raffaello” for New Film 7 International and Rai Cinema, with the collaboration of the Marche Film Commission and Urbino City Council, using pictures to tell the story of “the women, the madonnas, the portraits and the myths ” of the painter from Urbino.

Finally, in April, for one week, Ancona and the beaches of Portonovo hosted the cast and crew of “Crimini 2”, the Rai 2 tV series produced by Rodeo Drive Media, directed by Ivano De Matteo.

The Marche Film commission will meet professionals at cannes for a “movie cocktail party” on 2nd May at the association of Italian Film Commissions stand, Pantiero area, international Village.

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