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MARCHE/Far-reaching Creativity

If  Iginio Straffi’s fairies fly above Loreto, his creativity spreads over more or less the whole region of Marche.
Thanks to the Marche Film Commission, the Fondazione Marche Cinema Multimedia is carrying out a census of the companies working in the animation sector.

By examining this “work in progress”, we discover a composite situation, made up of small companies and individual professionals moving towards an industrial dimension or oriented towards experimenting with the art.

One of the names that stands out the most is that of Simone Massi, an animated shorts film-maker who has won many awards at top international Festivals, including the David di Donatello 2011 for “Dell’ammazzare il maiale”. Massi trained at the Istituto Statale Superiore “Scuola del libro” in Urbino, the oldest artistic institution in the region which, in recent years, has “produced” a number of important Italian film-makers such as Magda Guidi and Mara Cerri (winners of the Torino Film Festival 2011 in the Italian shorts section), Virginia Mori, Simona Bursi and Caterina Baldi.

Another training center is the Accademia di Belle Arti, Macerata, thanks to the Mentezero cultural association led by teacher Carlo Gioventù.
There are also some small production companies that originated from Rainbow and its Rainbow Academy which, in the wake of the success of the Winxes, are involved in high level serial commercial animation, often produced for third parties (TV, companies) realized using cutting edge technology (3D): such as Gama Movie (Gabrio Marinelli), Barabucha Animation (Lorenzo Garbuglia) and Motus Film (Giorgio Valentini), as well as individual film-makers like Corrado Virgili (Eventi Culturali), better known as the artistic director of the Winx movies, Luca Meloni, Francesco Zanotti (i Deliranti), Cinzia Battistel, Lorenzo Ciccoli (MattiGatti), Rebecca Lisotta, Nicola Filiali (Cube 3D) and Marco Marilungo Pictor.

Marche Cinema Multimedia is working with this rich group of creative people and companies, which is spread throughout the region, from Pesaro to Jesi, from Fano to Porto Sant’Elpidio to Macerata, with the aim of moving on to the strategic phase of support and promotion.

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